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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 22, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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that is the kind of thing baxter does. have i beaten this analogy into the ground enough? [closing bell rings] liz: we'll take it. we're both eagles fans for at least the super bowl. look at it, gains of 140 points. it is "after the bell." big earnings coming up. melissa: stocks surging to new highs in the final hour of trading. senate and house get ready to vote on an end to the government shutdown. we await a big report from netflix. i'm melissa francis. happy monday. david: happy monday. good mopped on the markets. glad you join us. this is "after the bell." giving the markets a big boost today the hope of bringing the three-day government shutdown to and end. a final vote is expected in the senate on a temporary spending bill that will keep the government funded until february 8th. yeah, that's all. a bipartisan group wheeling and
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dealing getting to us this point. democrats passing the measure to get legislation to help the so-called "dreamers." the house will vote after the senate sometime this evening. we have you covered from both sides of capitol hill. joining us from the house, congresswoman martha mcsally from arizona. let's go to montana senator steve daines. thanks for coming in. clear senator schumer and democrats are painting this as some kind of a win or draw the a any rate this bill was very different from the last bill s there any truth to that? >> i'll tell you what, if you want to talk about winners and losers, the losers were the american people. this is ridiculous. it was a pointless exercise to shut the government down. the losers were the american people. i would argue the "schumer shutdown" it didn't work. chuck schumer lost that. david: by the way mick mulvaney coined term or came out with it first. it seemed to stick, didn't it?
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>> it has nice alliteration but you know what? it is the truth. an old saying in d.c., when it doubt tell the truth. what went on this is about daca, about the extreme side of the democratic party holding senators hostage to their demands and we didn't give in. the issue needs to be resolved but for heavens sakes, don't shut the government down. i had a mother from montana call me last night. her son being trained as a green beret. his pay was terminated. to think we would do that for men and women in uniform. get past that to serious dialogue. david: if the "schumer shutdown" was the headline, the substance was the substance was all would be held hostage, the military folks, personnel would be held hostage for the sake of illegal aliens. it is not just the 600,000 or
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700,000 "dreamers," it is chain migration that allows so many of their relatives come in as well. whatever deal finally is fixed, as part of this daca thing will there be end to chain migration. >> there are four points. border security, daca, chain migration and visa lottery that allows terrorists in. it needs to be comprehensive. if you're from montana it is pretty tough to justify the government down over montana, 77 daca recipients. that is right. 77. versus 24,000 montana kids on championship and that is ridiculous and was really the core issue. i'm glad to see the american people see through that on the "schumer shutdown." we got it resolved. we'll have the final vote in the senate next hour. david: we'll talk about that because the fat lady hasn't sung quite yet. you have to do the official vote to end the shutdown.
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is that a done deal? is there any doubt whatsoever that will pass? >> i'll tell you what, with the democrats right now, i'm not sure anything is a done deal. they have to get clearance to basically yield the time back for the vote. david: senator, i will yield some time to the senate leader, i think he is still speaking. is he? okay. he just stopped. i'm sorry. the one thing that i got to give democrats credit for is that they did divert on the anniversary of the president's first year in office attention from some of his economic accomplishments, whether you're talking about deregulation or tax cuts. the focus, all of the headlines over the weekend were on the shutdown, right? >> well, it was. i'll tell you what, they want to dampen and rain on the parade what is going on with the tax cuts. day after day, we're seeing great announcements of bonuses, wages going up, benefits being increased, record levels on the dow. this is tremendous news we're seeing. apple bringing back jobs, repatriating dollars. this is really great news.
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you got to believe what they were able to do divert attention from that they don't want to hear about good news going on the economy, in fact the american people are getting more dollars in their pocket, via tax cut and wage increase. david: you do concede they were in fact successful diverting attention from all the stuff about the first anniversary and you know they are going to try to do that whenever they have the opportunity, divert attention from what is happening in terms of legislation or the economy to focus specifically on donald trump. >> well, tell you what, at the end of the day pocketbook issues are the most important issues to the american people. they are seeing what is going on. they will see through the smoke and mirrors coming out of chuck assume every and the "schumer shutdown" and there is a lot of good things to talk about. record little of the dow today. more money in the pockets of hard-working americans. that's good news. let's get back to doing the work of the american people, shutting down the government is nonsense. that is first or second grade nonsense. we need adult supervision in the united states senate.
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let's move forward now. i'm pretty confident we'll get that vote in the next hour over to the house later tonight, on the president's desk this evening and get the spot -- government opened up again. david: this evening, senator daines, thank you very much. melissa: here is republican congresswoman martha mcsally from arizona. she is a arizona senate candidate and retire air force lieutenant colonel. what is your reaction and what comes up next. >> honestly you can't make this up, melissa, basically the same exact bill presented to the democrats on friday night. a little bit shorter, eight days earlier. meantime we are working in good faith to come up with a daca solution but it is complicated. we have to make sure we get to root causes why we have daca population in the first place while securing the border and addressing other issues. they flew into a box canyon. i was a pilot. which means you can't get out of it. they realized it was epic political miscalculation.
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it is not a game. our troops are suffering n arizona alone hundreds of people in the military civilians furloughed. we had combined army, national guard exercises were canceled. they are on the floor spinning and bloviating. melissa: we're looking at floor, senators are voting. >> finally. melissa: let me ask you, they were looking for a solution on daca. the republican line we were getting closer to that. we were talking about it and we stopped talking as the government was shut down. if it reopens, there is going to be, you know, pressure to come up with something. what do you think is a good solution for the daca children, now adults. >> i introduced a bill with couple of my colleagues a few weeks ago. we've been working on this over four months n fad faith we believe we -- in good faith we came up with a solution, enclouds building border wall, supporting our border agents
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with the technology, manpower and resources they need while ending chain migration, closing loopholes, with fraudulent asylum-seeking and unaccompanied minors cartels take advantage of. addressing "kate's law," sanctuary cities. this is what we believe is a good starting place. we have 75 cosponsors. melissa: what about the solution for group already here. that is what they're focused on. >> we need not to repeat mistakes of the past and be fair that those came here legally. we provided a legal status renewable every three years. they go to school, they work, they're contributing. they are having background checks. they take existing path to a green card. not a special path to a green card. that will innot incentivize future illegal activity if we don't address these other issues. most people are willing to come up with solution on unique population. we don't want to incentivize more illegal activity and reward it for the future and address
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real security issues in border communities like mine this is fair bill to both daca recipients and those who came here legally. and those that have been waiting in line. melissa: it is not amnesty but also not sending them home? >> right. again, we believe, we are coming to the table in good faith to provide a solution. we have taken some of the things white house asked for, a little over half of what their 70 points were. this is consensus bill for us that addresses why we have a daca population in the first place. most people want to solve it but they don't want to be here again in another one year or five years. there has to be some sort of fairness that came here legally and not incentivizing illegal activity. melissa: congresswoman, thank you. david: i want to get back to the markets. the voting in the senate right now, it has to be simple majority. now it's a simple vote to reopen the government. again, that only has to pass with a simple majority, not that supermajority of 6 0 they had to
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work on earlier. dow closing at brand new record high. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. nicole, even when this thing was still in the mix, whether they would reopen, the market was doing okay but it really took off after they voted to reopen. >> that's right. we really did not see a big negative impact on the market that the government was shut down. there really was this feeling it would come through and markets were doing just fine. of course as we got word it was really going to happen and they were going to move forward they got more optimism. dow, nasdaq and s&p hitting record highs. we have plenty ever earnings this week. we saw many names on the dow jones industrial average hitting all-time record highs. in addition to that we saw names in the technology sector. microsoft, google, netflix. netflix trading higher after-hours. we'll break down hose earnings for you shortly but it is doing well. hitting new highs again. so we'll watch for that. you can see microsoft, google,
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netflix all hit records today. in addition to that energy was a really big story. halliburton following in the words of schlumberger, both giving positive outlooks for 2018 and beating the street. ceo seemed optimistic. deutsche bank positive they seem to have their budget. 6% for halliburton. that was a great move. energy was a big leader. back to you guys. david: thank you very much, nicole. liz peek and jason rotman, managing partner of lido isle partners. again the markets didn't car at all what was happening inside the beltway. but clearly better to see something passed that meant the government would reopen. >> everyone anticipated it would be a pretty short shutdown. in past shutdowns including the one under obama that lasted 17 days there was no marked impact on the economy. so i think, yes, basically the market shrugged it off, expecting it would not last
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long. expecting it wouldn't have much impact. david: jason, the focus now condition be clearly on froing the economy even more. making sure the deregulatory moves made in the first year of the trump presidency will be continued? >> exactly. there is a couple of big factors at play. obviously everybody knows the tax cut factor is huge but even to be more granular than that the repatriation benefits really haven't kicked in yet. it is really the markets looking forward to the hundreds of billions of dollars coming home from apple being put into the economy. david: i still think we have a runway ahead high every but the point i do want to make for everyone that's watching kind of looking at what they should be focused on the next couple weeks, it's really interest rates. the fed meets next week to determine if they will hike rates again. david: right. >> they probably will but it is going to be that statement as to how hawkish they're going to be. that is what i want everybody to think about. david: there is something else everybody has to be aware about, earnings. we heard about netflix. they came out with fourth quarter results.
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nicole had a chance to go through some of the numbers. nicole? >> we're taking a look at this. this is a winner so far, we're seeing the stock off about 9%. that is a big move there for netflix. in fact the company crossed the 100 billion-dollar mark. i saw $108 billion for the market cap. earnings per share in line. revenue a slight beat. we're breaking down subscriber growth ultimately. just as they added a net of 8.33 new memberships in the fourth quarter for, millions, also the free cash flow, 524 million, the streaming revenue, 3.2 billion, all the numbers are you are toking in here, but for the most part the market is really telling us some good news for netflix. joel at wedbush, david and melissa, said netflix would be indicator for silicon valley and amazon. that these tech stocks can do it again in 2018 just like they did in 2017. this is a great start.
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david: huge number, huge numbers after-hours. melissa. melissa: jason is here to break down some of the numbers for us. you see how much the subscriber growth really counts. earnings per share right in line. revenue a giant beat. to see a big move, 10%, that is 8.33 million subscribers added. they set a point of 6.3. some were optimistic saying it would be 6.5. instead it was 8.33. >> david: wow. >> netflix, what you have to do if you're a tech company they are innovating. obviously they used to send dvds in the mail. melissa: isn't it amazing? >> yeah, exactly. if you don't innovate you die. netflix is the case study and opposite of that they're just crushing it because they're innovating even raised prices and people are still rushing to netflix in droves. i think they're going to keep growing and mark my words, here is my little prediction, like amazon they will have physical
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storefronts soon where people can go in. melissa: this is business school case study. they went from a company that mailed you dvds and you made them back. talk about a very targeted, time sensitive play when everybody stopped having dvd players, they moved into the digital world. then they moved into creating their own content. they have taken so much risk and continued to innovate. i wonder what they will do next? any idea? >> that is what i'm saying i literally believe that like amazon, they are going to have physical storefronts where people that are netflix subscribers can go in, put on a headset to watch the favorite shows during the lunch break, i think that will put them on the net even more. melissa: with amazon you get the actual product. with netflix, i kind of thought you were kidding, you go into netflix you will watch something? i don't know that doesn't, you're not picking out a product? >> i know it sound out there. you know what? stranger things happened. there could be a netflix lounge where netflix subscribers
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congregate. not like a movie theater, one screen watch same thing, it has to be personalized. what else can netflix do? they have to innovate. they have to get in front of as many people as possible. they have enough money to experiment with that. melissa: that is great point. they have to get in front of people. jason, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. david: where is the ceiling for netflix? melissa: the new subscriber growth drives the stock price. he is talking about innovative ways to get new subscribers. that makes sense. david: 9% after-hours. we're keeping a close eye on the senate floor where a revote to open the government is underway. it has to be a simple majority. we're pretty sure will pass but anything can happen. we will bring you the results when they come in and gear up for the house vote next. melissa: despite the potential of reaching a deal and both sides of the aisle are pointing the finger at each other to get us to this point. how does this play out in the midterm elections? david: in case you missed it, new bombshell revelations as
4:17 pm
lawmakers get their hands on even more texts between two former mueller agents, those that haven't disappeared by the way. why we are now learning peter strzok an lisa page knew hillary clinton would not be charged before she was even interviewed by the fbi. judge andrew napolitano joining us next. >> these are the senior-most people. this is not some rank-and-file low-level person. a lot of us don't believe that the department of justice was applying justice in a fair, even hand because it was hillary clinton. ♪ well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. hey guys, wanna play some pool? eh, i'm not really a pool guy. what's the hesitation?
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david: a live look now at the senate floor where row call votes are still underway to reopen the government. this time it's a simple majority, not a 60-vote
4:21 pm
supermajority to reopen the government. melissa? melissa: new bombshell -- judge andrew napolitano, a fox news senior judicial analyst. >> don't ask me to explain what they mean by profile in courage. melissa: but she knows charges will be brought. >> is she loretta lynch or is she hillary clinton? it comes as no surprise to those of us that watch law enforcement for a living. in my case a person who participated in it actively for the years i was practicing and on the bench, that decisions to prosecute or not to prosecute
4:22 pm
are often made long before all the evidence is in and this is no exception but these emails are troublesome because they contradict some of the things that james comey said publicly. melissa: yeah. >> for example, he said, i haven't told anybody what i'm about to announce the day he announced she would be exonerated. which includes anybody in the justice department, which includes his then boss loretta lynch. how could she have known what the decision was when she met with bill clinton two months earlier? melissa: yeah. >> also said that the reason i made this announcement, is because my boss was conflicted because of the meeting with bill clinton. if the meeting with bill clinton was simply to tell him we're not going to prosecute your wife, that is not a conflict. he has a lot more explaining to do. melissa: yeah. even if you try to look for the most simple and honest explanation or you know, the least difficult, them saying no charges will be brought, that they knew at this point in time
4:23 pm
so far ahead and long before hillary clinton was interviewed, that no charges would be brought, this suspicion was always it was rigged, that they were, they were never going to bring charges. >> yes. melissa: this only reinforces that. >> i don't know if it was rigged and we may never know but this does reinforce the public perception it was rigged, the public perception that mrs. clinton was treated differently because she is, was, and who her husband is and was and that's very bad! that is the bad for the rule of law. that is bad for the belief that laws apply to everyone. because in a low-level sailor can take a picture, a selfie, happens to be a radar screen in the back ground and transmits it to his girlfriend, i am not making this up, end up in two years in jail, police clinton exposes emails top classified level and is not charged how is
4:24 pm
the rule of law enforced equally. melissa: yeah. >> there is another story here, it is not too late to remedy this the attorney general of the united states, jeff sessions can take all the evidence, put it before different fbi eyes and different prosecutorial eyes and then let them decide or, say, after you look at it, present it to a grand jury, let the grand jury see if it wants to indict. not too late. soon it will be too late. but not at the moment. melissa: what do you think about the five-month gap in the text messages that they say they lost? not like the gap in the watergate tapes? >> i am not surprised. it undermines the public perception of equal justice under law when an fbi agent's texts are ardently and urgently needed in an investigation are suddenly gone. same thing happened with governor christie's cell phone when they were looking for what he said in texts with "bridgegate." by the way governor christie's
4:25 pm
lawyer, now the director of the fbi. melissa: interesting point. very interesting. judge napolitano, thank you so much. >> pleasure. melissa: wonderful as always. david? david: they're all in it together over in new jersey, right, judge? >> david. david: the senate reportedly has the votes to pass its measure on to the house next while the fingerpointing still continues. democrats are slamming republicans for the government shutdown, but the white house claiming a huge victory what they still call the "schumer shutdown." dan henninger is responding to it after the break. >> we laid out what we want and we hope that democrats, we know they agree on most of those components and we hope that they will come to the table to actually make a deal and less focused on playing political games. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy.
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david: with the senate still counting votes to fund the government and end the shutdown the president is now meeting
4:29 pm
with key democratic senators at the white house to discuss immigration reform. here now with the details our own blake burman. boy, i would like to be in that room, blake. reporter: joe manchin and doug jones meeting with president at the white house. two more moderate-type democrats. the president held meetings earlier today as well with the more conservative members on the spectrum as it relates to immigration debate. what you see in the white house the president engaging in this immigration battle as now it moves forward since the government shutdown within the next couple of hours here as the votes continue to roll in. it will have come and gone. david, very much a scoreboard type moment for this administration today as the president often hails himself as one who is master negotiator. up on capitol hill chuck schumer tried to paint this as the trump shutdown in his word. he as he said the president was on the sidelines but the press secretary sarah sanders
4:30 pm
democrats dem could no longer defend the indefensible and the president got exactly what he wanted which was the deal put on table last friday. >> those are equal parts in this process. why we laid out our four priorities and listed that as one of them. reporter: daca fix is on same level playing field as the wall? >> that will be part of this negotiation. that is something the president has committed to do. we don't want to do that without the other three components. like having a stool with two legs. it doesn't work very well. we want to make sure we're addressing this more fully in a responsible way so we're not just kicking the can down the road but we're dealing with the issue more long-term. reporter: that there press secretary sarah sanders laying out the four main pillars the president wants to see in a daca fix. now there are 17 days until the next deadline comes which is february 8th. the government will remain funded until then. you saw sanders there lay out
4:31 pm
exactly what the president wants to see in exchange for a daca solution. david, by the way, now that the government will soon reopen here within the next few hours, for all intents and purposes at least by tomorrow morning this, also allows president trump and his delegation to head on to davos. sanders saying as long as the process here plays out the president is still expected to head over to switzerland. david: by the way a trump shutdown is not alliteration. "schumer shutdown" works. trump shutdown doesn't. it is that simple, blake. reporter: i heard a senator trying to paint it as the schumer cave or schumer something. they're all trying -- david: "schumer shutdown." stick with what, that works well enough. reporter: it is escaping me right now. they have a name for everything. david: stick with what works. memphis is a. melissa: shutdown with waves of blame throughout the beltway. dan heninger,
4:32 pm
"wall street journal" deputy editor, fox news contributor. it wasn't much of a "schumer shutdown." it was like three minutes. >> it was. very short and not all together sweet i must say. let's talk about politics, melissa, to try to understand what is going on. for democrats the baseline here is the november midterm elections. they clearly intend to run against donald trump. every democrat at every level of government is going to run against donald trump personally. the white house's job is then to protect trump from the democrats and from chuck schumer. the irony is that the republicans who are actually themselves going to be on the ballot end up as mere bystanders to the trump-schumer shootout. melissa: oh, i like that. where does it go from here because it does seem like republicans are going to have to do something on daca. that was their daca, if they go back on that at this point that would be really painful? is there a solution palatable to the right? >> no. that is the answer. melissa: really. >> no i think they're going from
4:33 pm
the frying plan into the fire with this. look what happened this is three-week continuing resolution this is kindergarten exercise, somehow daca is bigger issue than funding the military in a two-year budget resolution. how that happened i think that is a problem the white house will have to deal with. i don't believe they really wanted daca to become a bigger issue than funding the military like this but nonetheless i think that's one way in which chuck schumer has come out ahead because this daca negotiation will become very difficult, very intractable. at this point i don't see these two sides are close together on doing something about the "dreamers" at all. melissa: looks like the president is more in the middle of republicans and democrats on this than to the right of them. that could be the way it's set up. like you said they will have to compromise close to the dems side. maybe that is where his heart actually is. >> he said in the past he have wants to do something for the "dreamers." i have to tell you, melissa, i'm a little afraid republicans are
4:34 pm
allowing "dreamers" as issue to become wholly owned by the democratic party and enforcement side going over to the republicans. i don't think the republicans want to be in a position of the election that they didn't do anything on behalf of the "dreamers" at all. i don't think they quite want to be there. melissa: the whole entire battle is lost the first day they let them be named "dreamers." you can't crush these people, they're dreamers. like the schuler shut down. who wins the -- "schumer shutdown." like the presidential election. leave the writers to come up with the write titles for the group. >> that is always a problem for republicans. the labeling problem is lost -- 74% of the american people believe that the "dreamers" who are here, you know, because they were brought here, something should be done with them. i don't know if the republicans want to lose that issue. melissa: no, no very true. dan henninger, thank you very much. david: my kids are "dreamers" too. what if california became two
4:35 pm
states instead of one? that is what one of our upcoming guests is calling it, called new california. melissa: a push to make a fisa memo public still going strong but just what will be the consequences? ♪ hi i'm joan lunden.
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show of hands. let's get started. who wants customizable options chains? ones that make it fast and easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand? good then it's time for power e*trade the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. alright one quick game of rock, paper, scissors. 1, 2, 3, go. e*trade. the original place to invest online. melissa: another live look at the senate floor. this is the calm after the storm. now we're roll call votes are still underway to fund the government for three more weeks to stop the shutdown.
4:39 pm
fox news confirming though that the senate does have the votes to pass this. the house will vote next. david? david: new revelations shedding even more light on bias at the fbi. gop lawmakers pushing for the release of an explosive memo that reportedly shows fisa abuse by the nation's top cops against the trump campaign during the 2016 election. here is texas congressman louie gohmert who has read the memo. congressman, was there something new in this memo? i hate to do fencing with you about exactly what was in it because i know you're bound by what you can say and can't say. >> classified. >> was it just a summary of what we all knew or something brand new in there? >> it was a summary of what a handful of us knew. there were some new things that were confirmed that we had suspected but this memo is, as you said, it is a summary of the evidence and was specifically
4:40 pm
pointing out what evidence it was and what it showed. and, the evidence makes it coming out when the memo does, people need to know. this is incredible. david, if you want to know just how bad this is for the justice department, then all you need to know is that now they're saying we've lost five months of text messages from doj, from mueller's team. look this stinks to high heaven as i've been saying sense june. we need a second special counsel appointed because they need to be investigating mueller and his team. this is incredible. david: unlike the russia investigation where there was no crime at the beginning of the investigation. >> exactly. david: if these memos that are missing, four to five months worth of texts, we already know peter strzok and lisa booth were
4:41 pm
anti-trumpers trying to keep trump out of the white house no matter what happened during the election, if they are hiding other memos, more damning memos, that is obstruction of justice. that is a crime. >> absolutely. you nailed it, david. that is why we have got to have special counsel that is a true special counsel. it is not mueller, because mueller can not investigate his own team for obstruction of justice, and i believe that is what is at the bottom of this loss of text messages. but i know these same people wanted hillary to be president who felt like, well, gee, hillary got away with destroying all her messages and not getting prosecuted, yeah, because they were the prosecutors. it isn't going to go so well with a new sheriff in town. i know jeff sessions, i know him well. he is not going to let these people get away with obstructing justice when they should have been investigating other
4:42 pm
obstructing -- david: let's face it, i'm for protecting sources if those sources are agents abroad whose lives are put in danger if you come out with this stuff. >> absolutely. david: i understand that. this is something, it is totally domestic. this is about what happened domestically about individuals in the fbi trying to countermanned an election. one. most sacred rights we have as u.s. citizens. it seems like the fbi was used to obstruct that? >> that's the way it appears pretty obvious right now and the disappearance of five months of text-messaging from people that we need to know what they were saying because these are people who made clear, they planned to undo the election. they need -- they didn't want trump elected. they were undo it, needed insurance policy if america will have any confidence in the justice system, we need to have special counsel goes after
4:43 pm
obstructionists during the investigation. david: at very least the public needs to see the memo shocked so many members of congress. >> going back to my judge hat i would put these lawyers in jail. i found as a judge you put one lawyer in jail the rest of them work out pretty well. they become very cooperative. david: concentrates the mind to borrow from another phase. >> put one lawyer in jail, lawyers got very cooperative. >> i like that. david: judge louie gohmert, otherwise known as congressman gohmert. >> great to be here with you, david. >> thanks. melissa: we have the latest on when the government is expected to reopen its doors. that's next. ♪
4:44 pm
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melissa: breaking news, the senate know has votes to stop the government shutdown. the house will vote on the same measure scheduled to take place between 5:15 and 6:15. fox business's adam shapiro is on the hill with latest.
4:47 pm
adam. reporter: we are waiting for the senate vote to conclude. which we expect mitch mcconnell, the leader of the senate to address everybody on the floor of the senate. then it moves to the house. the thousand has authority to act almost immediately once the paperwork arrives on the floor of the house. we expect to hear speaker paul ryan before that vote. bottom line get this to the president's signature sometime early, early this evening after the house passes it. here is what kevin mccarthy said about the house passing the continuing resolution coming from the senate. >> the only thing we'll be voting on today that's different than what the house passed is one week. so it is one week shorter. we thought giving ourselves that full month we can get to and solve this problem. i know it's, we've lost time while government has been shut down to finish that agreement so we'll get back to work at it once government is open. reporter: as you heard mccarthy saying the leader in the house, the republican
4:48 pm
leader, this is no-brainer. this is essentially one week shorter than what they already passed. in the senate side it is simple majority. you don't need 60 votes, you need simple majority to pass it. which is expected to happen any moment now. back to you. melissa: adam, thanks for keeping an eye on it for us. david: taxed enough already! melissa: seriously. david: how times have we been saying that. imagine if we were in california. just when businesses thought they were getting a break, the state of california wants a piece of their tax cuts. melissa: what a great idea. david: calling this financial tyranny. one reason he is pushing to divide the golden state in half. paul preston, founder of new california. he is next. you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home.
4:49 pm
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david: was businesses getting
4:52 pm
ready to use new tax savings to grow more, high more, pay more, california law make remembers pushing legislation to tax more, to force companies to hand over expected savings back to the state of california. here is paul presson. he is the founder of new california which is pushing to divide the state of california. now, paul, first of all let me ask about this new tax measures, if it passes. 50% already comes from the top 1%. if they enforce this tax that could add up to 60 to 70% of taxes coming from the business side of the equation. if they move out of california, what happens to california? >> well, we basically go bankrupt, continue on the path of financial tyranny we're on right now. we'll lose millions of jobs, which is apparently what this government of california wants to see happen. we've been losing jobs and bleeding jobs for the last 18 to
4:53 pm
15 to 20 years and now we're sort of at the bottom of the barrel so to speak. we have so much poverty out there, it is not even funny. homeless people all over the place. it will be devastating to business. but it also shows you how desperate jerry brown and the rest of the party here in california who has been wreaking this, ravaging this tyranny upon us californians, they're desperate right now, they're very desperate for cash. david: the point is we've seen in other states like illinois and new jersey and new york, they are losing a lot of people who are going to california, going to florida and texas and other places where there aren't any income tax or at least low income taxes, is the same happening in california? again if the businesses start voting with their feet and bring jobs with them, out of the state of california, what are you folks going to do? >> well that is just it. that is why we've created new california state movement to stop this because it is not going to stop.
4:54 pm
they're proving every single day that they are not going to stop with the tyranny that they're foisting upon citizens of california. david: there's another issue that has come to the forefront. of course the nation as a whole is arguing right now the subject of immigration, what to do with daca, et cetera. you guys in california have kind of a unique situation. some people say there is a new bill going through that would allow illegal aliens to vote because of the fact that they have drivers license. as part of that getting their driver's license they may register to vote. california governor is saying no, illegal aliens would be allowed to have a driver's license but not one which they would be able to register. what say you about all this. >> that is not going to happen. they're going to go ahead and they're going to register, they will get their driver's license and be registered voters. i doubt very seriously if there is any checkup, follow-up to see whether or not they are illegal
4:55 pm
aliens or not. how will they do it? that is whole new government system they have to put in place. that is just not going to happen because they don't have the money to do any type of setting up of a bureaucracy like that. it is one more lie that we've been told by jerry brown in the mono party here in california. david: as you know states are allowed to organize voting as they see fit but not to the extent where they could allow, illegal, non-citizens to vote. that is when the federal government would come in say, nothing doing. do you see some kind of a conflict between the federal government and the california state government if it is found that some illegal aliens are able to vote because of this new rule? no there is already conflict right now. javier becerra declared war on all the employers employing illegal aliens that want to cooperate with i.c.e. he will institute the sanctuary state law to punish these people that want to comply with federal law.
4:56 pm
that is the breakdown of law and order in the entire nation. he has declared war, basically on the united states of america. he is a secessionist. we are not, we are trying to make a new state from old california. david: paul preston, good to see you, sir. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. melissa: interesting. david: it is fascinating. >> not facing reality. how scientists are giving millenials another reason to never grow up. ♪ yes and it was like the worst experience of my life. seven lanes of traffic and i was in the second lane. when i get into my car, i want to know that it's going to get me from point a to point b. ... woman: wait! (laughing) i definitely feel like i'm in a dependable vehicle right now. woman 2: i want a chevy now.
4:57 pm
woman 3: i know!
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4:59 pm
melissa: well you may have noticed the age of adolescents is lasting a little longer these days. scientists are claiming now you're not grown up until you're 25. david: well today young folks are staying in school longer delaying major decisions like marriage having kids causing researchers at the royal children's hospital in australia to argue that adolescents continues through age 24. melissa: of course it does. david: currently defined
5:00 pm
ascending at age 19. you know, i honestly don't think its changed much. i'm the woodstock generation. i mean we were adolescent until 30. melissa: the senate officially passed the bill so there you go it goes to the house now. risk & rewards starts now. liz: we'll get to mitch mcconnell he's speaking right now let's listen to mitch mcconnell. >> to an end and passed a bipartisan bill to reopen the federal government. as i've said repeatedly over the past week, shutting down the government is an irresponsible way to do business. it does not reflect the seriousness with which i know, my colleagues on both sides would like to approach the people's business here in the senate. all our important work for the american people had to be put on hold while this manufacture crisis was dealt with. we made no


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